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Who we are

Swan Magazine is the first magazine of its kind to go purely digital. We are happy to report that the change has been well supported with a substantial rise in numbers and diversity of readers.

Swan Magazine was founded in 2000 by Dr. Douglas Sutherland-Bruce when he saw a lack of a readily available forum for local groups and people to air their views or make other people aware of events and organisations that might be of interest.

Swan Magazine limits the percentage of advertising space to 33% percent, making each advert more effective.

Swan Magazine carries so much editorial in the way of articles of general interest readers often tell us they read the magazine ‘from cover to cover’, with feature poetry and fiction submissions dispersed between articles.

Swan Magazine converted to purely electronic editions in May, 2015 and as a result the magazine is substantially larger due to the low costs of production and the extra space, allowing us to give the reader more stories, more articles, more reviews, more exciting features, all for the low, low price of FREE.

‘It takes 12 trees to make one ton of 100 percent non-recycled newsprint. It would take a little more than half a tree to make a carton (10 reams) of 100 percent, non-recycled 20-lb. copier paper. One tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper, or 8,333.3 sheets.’

Understanding our carbon footprint made the move to digital all the more worthwhile. Between 2000 to 2010, Swan Magazine had printed on more than ten million A4 sheets of paper. Even using re-cycled paper bleached with oxygen, not chlorine and vegetable dyes, this was too big of a carbon footprint to sustain.

Electronic copies are available two ways – through email subscription or online.

To subscribe via email, go to the ‘Contact Page’ page and send us an e-mail with ‘Subscribe’ in the subject line.

To read online, click the link above and you can read this months’ magazine on your tablet, smartphone or desktop.

In either case the copy can be downloaded and printed off if you prefer a hard copy.

Please consider recommending us to your friends if you enjoy the Swan Magazine - all you have to do is send an email with the word ‘subscribe’ in the subject line.

You might also care to consider likeing us on Facebook. You’ll be informed of developments and news that features in the Swan Magazine, as well as musings from our editor. We promise you won’t be sent game requests! :)

We look forward to any comments, suggestions or feedback you may have.

What we are

Welcome to the home page of Swan Magazine, a monthly digital publication of general interests available electronically on the website Issuu.

If you would like to receive a copy delivered into your inbox as a pdf or a link, fill out the contact form below, with ‘subscribe’ in the subject line.

The magazine is published on the 10th of each month.

This website is designed to provide you, our reader, with information about us, details of how to subscribe and advertising rates as well as how to contact us.

Our Editor

Douglas Sutherland-Bruce is a former Gold Plate Judge and a long-time food writer (since 1987) as well as a many times published writer and author. He has been a lecturer (University of Western Australia), professional genealogist and armorist (designed and petitioned the arms for the City of Wanneroo), a broadcaster, after-dinner speaker and has an abiding interest in community theatre, notably with the Darlington Theatre Players, and has won several awards as an actor, director and playwright. He founded the Sherlock Holmes Society of Western Australia in 1983 and is now Patron, after serving many years as President.


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Benefits of our Magazine


We limit the amount of advertising in every edition to no more than 33% to give the contributors more space to allow them to be able to expand on each subject to the length each topic deserves. We have talented contributors and experts in their field and we permit them to express their views fully. A full listing of advertising rates can be found below.


Swan Magazine is a big supporter of the Arts in Western Australia and we have regular reviews of community theatre, professional theatre, movies, DVD’s and books as well as promoting these shows beforehand.

Our Contributors

We have a stable of experts in their field that regularly contribute to Swan Magazine on a variety of topics.


We are proud to be independent and free of all influence. We are not part of any chain of publications, have no overseas investors and are entirely based in Western Australia.

Community Groups

Many small community groups have no voice in the wider community. The likes of The Eastern Districts Machine Knitting Group; Mustard Seed Computer Training Group; Zonta; community theatre groups, individual Scout Groups and community based associations often do not have the expertise or resources to advertise their meetings, aims or even existence to the public at large. This is where we can help with inexpensive or free advertising and editorial space to promote good works and worthy causes.

Freedom of Speech

Voltaire may not have actually said ‘I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’. But it certainly summed up his beliefs. Beliefs we share. Out magazine is open to all sorts of opinions and points of view. We will publish any argument - pro and anti vaccine; Liberal or Labor; Royalist or Republican. We have given considerable space over the years to alternative, non-traditional, medical modalities. Our sole restrictions are civility and respect. We will also tackle sensitive subjects that other publications won’t for fear of offending advertisers or religious groups if we feel that the subject is one that readers would benefit from knowing more about.

Creative Writing

Swan Magazine offers space for local writers to display their talents. We accept poetry, short fiction, creative writing of all sorts. From time to time we hold literary competitions such as 200 word fiction; six word fiction; Shakespearean sonnets and so on. We are also one of the very few outlets for never-before-published authors to get a platform. We work with the Peter Cowan Writers Centre and KSP Writers’ Centre to promote their efforts and competitions and publish winning entries.


Our readership has grown by 300% since going digital and while most of our readers are in the Perth Hills and Swan Valley, going digital has meant that readership now comes from all over the metropolitan area, rural Western Australia and a comparatively small number of Eastern States and international readers. While this number is constantly changing, we have some 2,000 direct subscribers, another 1,200 who read each issue via our Facebook page and a further 6,000 receive it through networks of like-minded groups such as the Swan Valley & Regional Networks; the Guildford Historical Society, Mundaring Arts Centre and so on. However most readers follow us on Issuu, the electronic publication service. We estimate readership at nearly 100,000.

Our Contributors

Why you should advertise in the Swan Magazine

In these difficult economic days with so many media outlets (radio, television, Yellow Pages, business directories of all kinds as well as newspapers) clamouring for your advertising dollar it is important for you to get the best possible value for your money. We believe an investment in advertising space in the Swan Magazine represents excellent value for the following reasons:

An advertisement flashed onto a cinema screen lasts perhaps 30 seconds and few patrons take pen and paper with them to jot down your phone number in the dark. Through the Swan Magazine your message is delivered directly to your customers and potential new customers.

Any published advertisement lasts only until the next issue. A weekly newspaper lasts a week at best and in most cases a single reading only. We are a monthly magazine and so any advertisement lasts at least a month until the next issue. We have many, many examples of advertisements lasting and working much longer than that since, because of the nature of the Swan Magazine, readers - your customers - retain copies of the magazine and refer back to it.

In addition, past copies remain on the publishing website Issuu and we know that they are referred back to on a regular basis.

Swan Magazine severely limits the percentage of space devoted to advertising, making each one more effective. We have all seen newspapers with pages and pages of advertisements with nothing else on the page to tempt the reader to linger, notice and read your advertisement. Because we carry so much editorial in the way of articles of general interest readers often tell us they read the magazine ‘from cover to cover’. We are also the only, freely-distributed, medium to carry both fiction and poetry.

Swan Magazine does not publish so-called ‘advertorials’ for the simple reason that they do not work as an advertising feature. People simply do not read them. Take a test - when did you personally last read an article all the way through which began ‘We have been in business now for thirty years and our service is .... etc...’

Puff pieces like this are ineffective because they are unread, irrelevant and regarded, quite rightly, by the reader with scepticism. If you sell pools, for example, readers do not care to read about the excellence of your staff or your knowledge. But an article, by you, about how to prepare a pool for winter will be read and will attract customers since it demonstrates that you know what you’re talking about rather than simply claims it.

Our advertisements are more effective on a dollar for dollar basis. A business card board advertisement in full colour in the Swan Magazine can cost as little as $25 per month. Can you get a 9 centimetre by 5 centimetre advertisement in colour for $25 a month in your current publication?

A final point to consider is that Swan Magazine places advertisements on appropriate pages - health product advertisements appear on those pages devoted to health; financial consultants’ advertisements on the finance pages and so on - these advertisements are not just bundled together wherever there is space or it is convenient - each is placed in a relevant, effective, spot.

Advertising in our Magazine

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